Are you preparing for an audition? Do you wish you could find out from the panel what they are looking for?

Violist Matthew Jones, Head of Chamber Music at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, gives help and advice on how to prepare for an audition, and what you can expect on the day. We are very grateful to Matthew for sharing his knowledge and expertise! It does not seem long ago that I was... Continue Reading →


Double Stopping – Tuning to Open Strings

Exams are over...... ......... A lovely long summer stretches out ahead of us, a brilliant opportunity to get out into the world and play your viola! There are many fantastic musical activities, music courses, concerts and festivals in which you can take part, learn loads and meet wonderful people. The summer holidays can also be... Continue Reading →

Revising for Exams?! Good Luck!

The secret to surviving revision is GOOD MUSIC!   Here is a small selection with no lyrics to distract you. Do you have any suggestions or any music that works well for you? Tell us and we will add it to the playlist. Before you know it....... they will all be over and you can spend the... Continue Reading →

ARCO NEWS from Violist Lucy Nolan – Easter Festival – Cape Gate MIAGI Centre for Music in Soweto

Dublin-Manchester-Colne-Bradford-Hull-Manchester-Dorchester-Southampton-Heathrow-Cairo-Joburg...what a relief to finally arrive in Soweto after a busy few days... However, my schedule was gentle compared to Louise Lansdown’s 19 flights in 11 days! A six day intensive Arco course kicked off in style on Saturday morning. Arriving at the Cape Gate MIAGI Centre for Music in Soweto is always a heart-warming... Continue Reading →

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