Improvisation – A HUGE thank you to Ali Vennart for his wonderful contribution to the BVS Young Violists page.

                                                   If you would like to read more about Ali please click below... Ali Vennart - BiographyDownload Violist, Arranger, Music Educator Improvisation - September 2020 Hi guys! I’m Ali and I help run RNCM Young Violas together with Lucy. It’s been a strange couple of months, but also a great time for reflection,... Continue Reading →

Feeling worried about performing?

Many thanks to Professional Performance Coach Amy Littlewood for sharing some great advice on what to do if you are feeling nervous about an upcoming performance, audition or exam.   Feeling worried about performing? If you feel nervous about performing do not worry, you are not alone. There are so many people that have these... Continue Reading →

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